Airport Security

January 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Airport security has gotten to a ridiculous point in our society. After the 9/11 event in our history our airports have been crazy about terrorism. Yes everyone agrees with having good security but to the point that it has gotten to, I’m not so sure. Many people are disagreeing with the security and how it affects our personal rights. There are many issues with the security today.
The people that are flying today are very uncomfortable with the situation that they are in; you can choose to go through the scanning machines or be patted down by someone instead. The problem is the health of the scanning machines is really bad. The scanners are also very awkward for people; it goes right through your clothes and sees your naked body on the screen. That might just be a little bit uncomfortable for people. Worst part of this whole situation is the health risk from the scanners. The machine only picks up five percent of the waves and 95 percent of it is retained in the skin. The people that go through the body scanners are worried about the increased risk of getting cancer. The radiation off these machines is not healthy for any human being. Think about those people that travel every week for work, the radiation in their body is not good at all. Several doctors state that you want to stay away from radiation as much as you can, Stated by Time Magazine. The women that are pregnant and little kids have a higher risk of health problems from the radiation. Doctors suggest you stay out of the body scanners if that includes you. The babies can become disfigured if they are irritated by this process. It is predicted that 75 percent of breast cancer is caused from the irritation of radiation. The health for women is more at risk than men.
The pat down is another very awkward situation many parents don’t want their kids going through the scanners but it might be ever worse being touched by a stranger. This is a very bad situation we have going on and we need to fix it now.

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