Fast Food Industries of America

January 9, 2011
By Anonymous

A certain industry in that deeply effects Americans and their health is the Fast Food industry. A lot of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King don’t completely tell customers how the food is made and what happens behind the scenes. Each restaurant has their own ways of drawing in consumers with certain tactics that make the consumer forget about what they are eating. Although the foods in these fast food restaurants are improving, they still pose health risks. However, on fast food menu’s there are healthy choices such as salads and baked potatoes. Although consumers are less likely to choose those options, they still exist. It also creates a question: are these fast food chains to blame for America’s obesity?

There has to be a technique to making fast food ready right when it is ordered. On average, it takes 42 seconds to cook a Big Mac at McDonald’s; while at home, it would take much longer. Although it is real meat they are cooking you, the quality is questionable. There is a lot more salt, calories, and fat in these patties than home cooked ones. Also, they are kept in freezers and not thawed until really necessary.

In 2004, a documentary called Super Sized Me, followed Morgan Spurlock as he eats only Macdonald’s food for a 30 day period. Over this time, he gained a lot of weight, experiences heavy mood swings, had heart palpitations, . He also has depression, headaches, stomach aches which are relieved when another McDonald’s meal is consumed. On the first five days alone, Morgan gained 9.5 pounds! And after the experiment was done it took fourteen months to work off all of the weight gained from the meals. Weight wasn’t the only thing gained from these 30 days, Morgan got a lot of inside scoops on how McDonald’s food is made, cooked and prepared. It showed all of the added preservatives, fats and added calories in the meat and french fries and how they can accumulate in your body over time. It also shows the health problems such as clogged arteries, high blood pressure, heart problems and obesity eating fast food can cause.

Fast food chains all use different methods to lure in consumers. Bright colors, catchy theme songs, fun characters and kid’s meals grab America’s attention. It makes them forget about what’s in the food they’re buying and all the concentrate on is the fun aspect of these restaurants. For example, McDonald’s uses bright red and yellow to attract traveler’s attention as they drive by the restaurant. Also they use a fun, friendly character called Ronald McDonald that shows up on commercials promoting this restaurant. Another way fast food restaurant lure consumers in is their use of kids and kids meals. On commercials, they show happy kids eating their food and playing with kids meal’s toys. This persuades children to want to go to that restaurant. These tactics are a large reason why people are so drawn to fast food.

A lot of health problems are at stake when eating food from these restaurant chains. High fat in these foods are a leading cause to American obesity. American’s should cut down on the amount of fast food consumed, if not eliminate it from their diet for good. It can be beneficial for their health and help make happier families.

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