The Scare

December 8, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a nice brisk winter night, family together, kids running around. My brothers and I getting along, everything was perfect, then it happened. My dad coughed eyes rolling back twitching, I thought this was it. My brother immediately called 911, I ran out to shovel off the steps for the emergency crews. My other brother getting my mom in fear. For what took 5 minutes for police to arrive seemed like forever to me, all I could do is watch my father in pain. My mother ran down screaming, the feeling of hearing this yell would shake anyone's head. The police raced in and down stairs where my dad was finally back awake and talking. He was brought up sitars and loaded in the ambulance. As he drove off in the back I thought to myself “ what if this is the last time I see him”. The doctors worked for hours to find out what happened to him. Each night id watch the phone in my room waiting just waiting for it to ring, waiting for the call saying he is alright. 5:30AM two days after it finally came. He was all right. This has changed my life forever learning that no-one or nothing is to be taken for granted. Everyone has heard the saying “ you don't know what you have until its gone”, to me this could not be more true. Remember the gifts that you have and make sure to always be thankful, I had to learn his the hard way.

The author's comments:
this is an experience that has changed my life forever and i wanted to share it. i hope people can understand that life has its ups and downs but always be thankful

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dzeldad said...
on Jan. 13 2011 at 12:20 pm
The author shows a love of family that is wonderful.


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