Stronger, Faster and A Cheater

November 30, 2010
By Nick Neville BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Nick Neville BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Are you aware that many of today’s records in baseball have been set by players who have used performance enhancing drugs? Records are being set, people are becoming stronger, and the game is less respected. All of these things are making baseball different. It is not the way the game should be played. This is all because of performance enhancing drugs.

Steroids are helping players set new records. Barry Bonds holds the record for home-runs with 762. Bonds was in a report called, “The Mitchell Report,” which is a report that highlighted players that have admitted or have been accused of taking steroids. Bonds has still, to this day, not been proven if he did steroids or not. Most likely, he did because of how big he got and how fast it happened. The single season record for home-runs is by a man who was also in the Mitchell Report. This man’s name is Mark Mcguire and he holds the record for single season home-runs with 73. Two of baseball’s biggest records have been set by cheaters. Cheating is basically what the record books should say. This is not fair to players who didn’t use performance enhancing drugs. They work all naturally and these other cheaters come along and just take a few injections and are ready to go get superhuman abilities. This is absolutely ruining the integrity of the game. Since Mark Mcguire took steroids, he lost his definite spot in the Hall of Fame. He had a spot locked up until he decided to take performance enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds on the other hand, he has not been proven to have taken steroids. He still is in the running for the Hall of Fame and will most definitely be in the Hall of Fame unless he is proven guilty. This is not the same for all-star third baseman for the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez. Alex Rodriguez only tested positive once for steroids in 2003. This was the year though, that he won his first MVP award and led the league in home-runs for the third time in a row. He could have been taking steroids before then because the rule for random drug tests had not been enforced yet. Rodriguez has admitted to steroids though and will probably still have his spot in the Hall of Fame locked up. Rodriguez is one of the best players in the game today, with or without steroids. People now look at baseball as if it’s run by steroids because a star this big has been busted for drugs. Things are not looking good for baseball.

Steroids are killing people’s bodies. Players are being forced to retire early because the steroids are breaking apart their joints. According to the National Institute on Drug abuse, steroid users can get mean to people they are usually nice to. These are called “roid rages.” The reason being, they are steroid induced rages that go on. Steroids also can affect appetite, blood pressure and moods. These things are all bad for the players because they affect the person’s body in an inhumane way. All people are affected by the player’s decision to shoot up because the team loses the player, the player’s body gets destroyed and the fans don’t get to watch the player for nearly as long. Steroids are definitely making athletes stronger. There is tons of information proving steroids making athletes stronger, including According to, many athletes have admitted to taking anabolic steroids which build muscle mass and the ability to produce muscle. Many athletes have apologized, but they will still be infamous in anyone’s book.

People are starting to think badly of baseball because of how often steroids are being used. They think this way because some of the biggest stars have been caught with steroids and they are thinking everyone in baseball is doing steroids. Most of the time, when a person hears baseball, they think steroids and cheating. They don’t think home-runs and playoff excitement. The bad things in life stick in people’s heads and this is one huge bad problem that will probably go down in history as one of the worst times baseball has seen. It has no sign of slowing down even though players are receiving fines of over $25,000 for multiple offenses of steroid abuse. Players have started to realize they’re going to get caught, but most still do it anyways. Many players take steroids and think nothing of it. Then once they get fined, the entire world knows and people think poorly of baseball. Baseball is starting to lose its “America’s favorite pastime,” title.

Baseball is getting seriously affected by this steroid fad and it must stop. Steroids are making illegitimate records, allowing people to gain superhuman abilities and its making baseball lose its integrity. Steroids must be punished more harshly if a player is caught with steroids. Sure, fines are huge, but people are getting caught with multiple offense. Players should be suspended for a whopping, 75 games for just one offense. This will cause fewer offenses against the rule and baseball will be back on the right track. Hopefully, players will wise up and use some logic.

The author's comments:
I feel very strongly about this piece because being a baseball player myself, I do not believe it is fair for people to do steroids.

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