Teen drinking

October 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Teens should not be drinking. Although drinking has its benefits, the negatives heavily outweigh the positives. Most teenagers don’t understand that drinking can cause damage to your physical health, to others, and is against the law.

Majority of today’s population know that drinking is bad for you, but most just say, “Hey that is not going to happen to me.” The next thing they know they’re in the hospital because of liver failure or something like that. No one pictures himself or herself in that bed or even worse, a six-foot hole in the ground, but it is happening all the time. Alcohol causes 100,000 deaths a year. Let’s not forget the time, and money, it takes to get an organ donation. It can take up to 7 years for a liver and can cost $500,000. By the time one is available for you, you may already be dead or broke.

Teens are that age where they are on the road all the time. Either they are driving to get their license or already have it and are just driving because they can. That’s what teens do, once they are given a new privilege, such as driving, they can’t get enough of it. For the pedestrians and other drivers it is just not fair that 50-65% of teens drink, and who says they didn’t down one or two beers before they got behind the wheel! At that point they aren’t just putting themselves in danger, but also the ones around or in the car. It isn’t just cars, put any kind of weapon in a drunken teenager’s hand and things will probably get ugly. Giving a teenager a beer is just asking for trouble.
Speaking of trouble, you have no idea how much trouble you’re going to be in if you are caught by the authorities for under age drinking. Most teens that get sent to jail is because of drinking, drugs, vandalism, violence, and the list just goes on and on. “Yea, yea. Everyone does it. What are the chances of me getting caught?” Statistics say that 70% of kids drinking under 21 are busted at least once. Just because you don’t get caught now, or the next 5 years, but who says that you aren’t going to have problems as an adult. You shouldn’t be trying not to get caught with it, you should be getting rid of it, ultimately providing yourself with a better future.

All in all, drinking doesn’t sound like it is really worth it. Harming yourself, harming others, and getting busted by the police doesn’t seem like fun. What’s one bottle going to do to me? It is easier to start than stop. In my opinion, don’t even start. Teens should not be drinking.

The author's comments:
My english teacher made me do it.

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