Save Yourself; Eat Healthy!

October 25, 2010
At this day and age, more teens are captivated by the taste of “junk food.” If teens only knew that there is a better way to fulfill their cravings. As teenagers, we are extremely busy and have multiple activities to attend, but that is no excuse for the intake of greasy and calorie-packed food. Do you know that too much salt, sugar and fat can lead to disease? However, you can take control of your future now by gradually changing the way you eat. McDonald’s might taste yummy, but in the long run, you are setting your body up for failure. Teens should cut out junk food to improve their physical health and overall well-being.

Almost all teenagers eat an abundance of unhealthy foods like chips, cookies, ice cream, and worst of all fast food. These kinds of eating patterns can turn into serious health problems later. “Junk foods” are the snacks that are loaded with sugar, salt, and lots of fat. (Healthy) Fast food especially contains a limited amount or sometimes no dietary fiber or nutrients like minerals and vitamins (Schierer). Without fiber and minerals, your body will be weak, and you will feel exhausted and tired 24-7. By eating foods that are very high in fat, you are putting your body at risk for heart disease. Moreover, most teens drink large amounts of pop per day. The average can or bottle of pop contains 200 calories, and by drinking two pops each day for one year, you will gain at least 12 pounds (Healthy). Those are twelve pounds that you have the ability to keep off. Likewise, fast food contains a lot of sugar and calories. Say you are on way home fromyour basketball game. It is eight o’ clock at night and your mom does not want to have to make dinner when she gets home so she stops at McDonalds. You order a Big Mac, not realizing that it contains 578 calories. That is 578 calories! The average teen eats 2000 calories a day. Add fries and a soft drink, and you are already at 1000 calories. Most of the time, you will not use up all of those calories and they will be stored in your body. All this sugar and calorie build up can cause your body to gain weight (CYWH). By eating fast food twice a week for a year, your body will automatically gain ten pounds. The more unhealthy foods you consume, the harder it will be for you to stop, but changing your habits now is not as hard as you may think.

Acclimating yourself to new eating habits is like riding a bike. At the beginning, you might crash or fall, but as time goes on, it gets easier. Terry Schierer says to add one fruit a day to your regular diet. Also, start to drink more water, and eat something for breakfast like cereal. Instead of eating a sandwich with white bread, try wheat or whole grain bread because whole grain will give you more energy and will satisfy your hunger. Stay away from energy drinks that are high in fructose corn syrup and loaded with sugar (Schierer). A can of Monster holds 200 calories, and these calories are of no nutritious value. Although these drinks give you a burst of energy, that energy will not last very long and you will be groggy for the rest of the day. Furthermore, make time for three meals a day plus a healthy snack because this is a great way to keep a healthy weight. The biggest step towards healthier eating is to experiment with new foods. Sample foods high in fiber and taste new fruits and vegetables. The best fruits that you can eat are kiwi, apples, blueberries, and bananas. Also, check out foods with lots of protein such as chicken, lean red meat and fish. Avoid fast food and numerous amounts of sweets. (CYWH) If you have a sweet tooth, maybe you can try apples and caramel. Strawberries and Cool Whip is another sweet and healthy snack. Eating the right foods will benefit your life in several ways.

Do you know that eating healthy can make your life so much easier? By eating healthier, you are automatically going to have energy all day long, and you will remain strong for sports and other extra-curricular activities. Moreover, eating healthy will help you get all the vital minerals and vitamins that the teenage body needs. Keeping an admirable weight is also a fantastic benefit of eating healthy (CYWH). Teens especially should be eating healthy, because by eating healthy you are supporting your body while growing and developing. By decreasing your consumption in pop, your bones will remain healthy and strong. Strong bones will lead to a stronger you. By eating healthy you will have more energy for your after school activities like basketball, volleyball, and band practice (Schierer). If you eat a healthy breakfast, getting through those tough morning classes will be a lot simpler.

Teens need to know that junk food should be avoided, eating healthy is effortless, and the benefits to eating right are endless. Fast food lays on the pounds and adds fat to our bodies in all the unattractive places. Is gaining twelve pounds per year worth drinking pop every day? Sure, you might like the taste of junk food, but as a result of eating all those terrible foods, your attitude and body image will pay the price. All you have to do to eat healthy is try new things. Make fruits and vegetables your new best friend. It is not like your mom is forcing you to eat spinach and brussel sprouts. Eating healthy every day really will make a difference in your life. You will be more energetic and look the best you have ever looked. Do you really need that whole entire pan of brownies? Are you going to die if you do not eat them all? I can guarantee you that you will be just fine. When I eat healthy, I know I feel so much better. I have a better attitude, I can think more clearly, and volleyball practice is a lot easier. As a result of eating healthy, your body will praise you, and you will praise yourself.

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madm0e said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:53 am
OK This article is about eating healthy. I lol'd when I saw a doughnut add to the right....
RachelAndersen96 said...
Nov. 13, 2010 at 6:38 pm
Thank you for writing this! I think it is very important for teens to eat healthy! I think they we should eat healthy now so it becomes a habit so we start off on good road. I think the more writing we have of eating healthy is the better so may be people will actually listen. Well written article
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