A Person Who Chose to Live Her Life

October 18, 2010
By , Willow Branch, IN
In late February this year some one became a victim of cyber bullying. There was a Facebook page created, it was called “I hate the (name person).” My life was turned upside down and I was horrified by the experiences I ended up encountering. The Facebook page had over a hundred friends who had “liked.” When my mother printed it, the page was thirteen pages long; horrifying comments and remarks that made me feel as small as a pea filled up the pages.
The things people said to me were horrible. When I would walk down the hallway at school I would get death threats, I could hear the people whispering behind my back, you could tell this was the worst time in my life; I walked the halls with my head done and no confidence in myself. No one understands the pain and suffering I had to personally go through during that time. My life was literally turned up side down by the pain and suffering I had been encountering. The comments and wall posts were saying I brag about inappropriate things that only married couples should do.
My parents blew up about the page and the remarks that students had said about their daughter. It killed them to see me going through the pain and suffering. We went to the police station, the school and talked to the vice principals, and even spoke to my teachers and family to try and get this torturous pain to leave my life. It seemed nothing was working; it also seemed that no one was doing anything about it, and this was killing me.
There were nights I would cry myself to sleep hope to god everything could go back to normal. I started being such a dark person and my soul was turning to the devil. I felt such anger and betrayal; I was at the point that I just wanted it to all be over. My parents finally said enough is enough! We set up a meeting with the principal and had a discussion with him with all these problems, he said I could have two days off to calm down and think about what had happened. When it came time for me to come back I could not do it, I had too much will power and strength to enter those doors ever again as a student.
The next day my parents brought me to a new high school and since then things have been great. It has it’s hard times; however, I try to keep my head on straight. Still to this day nothing has been done; we still don’t know who even created the page, although I have a feeling. We can always hope for the best outcomes, but, sometimes things don’t work out as we planned. In life we learn that horrible things happen to the best of people and we have to learn from are life lessons and in the long run it may hurt, but, at some point we have to let go.

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AMW710 said...
Oct. 28, 2010 at 3:14 pm
I love this topic; we shouldn't let anybody stop us from smiling. There are many people in this world who are miserable, and don't like to see others happy. We shouldn't worry about all the negative remarks people say. We should all have keep our heads held high.
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