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October 15, 2010
By cgomes0012 BRONZE, Westford, Massachusetts
cgomes0012 BRONZE, Westford, Massachusetts
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The use of cigarettes in this world is greatly increasing every day. People do not realize the harm in smoking. People start smoking to act cool but then become addicted. Nothing good comes from smoking cigarettes

In Massachusetts, cigarettes are very expensive. With the way the economy is going right now, I would think that everyone would want to save their money and not spend it on wasteful things. Well, cigarettes are wasteful. There is nothing good coming out of getting cigarettes and nothing good will ever come of it. Those who smoke are only wasting their time, money, and, health on cigarettes.
With the cost of cigarettes being so high in this area and the fact that they are so terrible for you, if you think about it you are actually paying to have bad health and die. You are paying to put yourself into the hospital with lung cancer. Going to the hospital only leads to more bills and more money spent to help save you. You could have just saved all this money by not smoking in the first place. It’s as easy as not buying that pack of cigarettes and just quitting already!
Tobacco companies live on stupid teenagers that want to look cool by smoking. That is what they base their entire company off of. They use advertizing to attract the young audience and hope that you will get addicted to their product and bring more people. These companies want you to get addicted and get cancer because it gives them profit. They lie about everything and you trust them with your lives when you smoke their cigarettes.

Those who wish to have good health in their lives should not smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes may cause gross teeth, bad breathe, nasty smell, gross fingers, yellow eyes, and can cause tongue removal, black lungs. Eventually, you could end up with no friends, no one will like you and you will then die alone. The chemicals that enter your body when smoking cigarettes will get you addicted and kill you. It will happen.

Cigarettes are a waste. They are a waste of money, time and lung capacity. Anyone who smokes cigarettes will be wasting their lives. Nothing good will happen in your life when you smoke cigarettes. They will only cause terrible things to happen in your life. You are more likely to get your car stolen or your house to get broken into because you smoke cigarettes. Bad things happen when you smoke.

People do not understand at this age how bad cigarettes are for you. College students are in the time of their lives, they should be making friends, playing sports and having fun. When you smoke, you are lowering your health and becoming less able to do some of the things you would want to be doing in the best years of your life. People think that they can have one here and there and not get addicted and be totally fine. But actually they can get addicted and can ruin their entire lives with that one cigarette. It’s the snowball reaction, one leads to another and eventually you become addicted.

Someone who smokes cigarettes can be cool though. They get to made friends that have great jobs and do really well in school. They have a great presence to themselves and have a fulfilling life. But seriously, probably none of these things will happen to you when you smoke cigarettes. Those who smoke tend to be less educated than non-smokers. And once you have a lower education, nothing really works out for you. Seriously, smoking cigarettes is not cool at all and there is nothing that will ever make it okay to smoke to be cool.

Friends of mine try smoking cigarettes. We are teenagers; we are going to try it. But when they get addicted or start smoking them to look cool, it’s not okay anymore. Someone can ruin their lives by “just trying them” by getting addicted for their whole lives. “Everyone else is doing it so I have to” is what goes on through their heads and they need to be like everyone else. You don’t realize how terrible of a habit it is until you are addicted.

There is an estimated that 440,000 people die from smoking cigarettes every year. Too many people die from health issues caused by cigarettes to make it okay to smoke cigarettes to just act cool. There is a real seriousness behind smoking because the effects can be life changing, as in left ending. When you have a chance to die by smoking them, wouldn’t you choose to live? Think of that the next time you light one up.

The author's comments:
Some of my friends these days have started smoking cigarettes and I really want them to stop. I am very disappointed in them that they started smoking and would like to show them that smoking is a terrible habit. They all have really upset me to the point where I wrote a piece about it using them for the inspiration.

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