diabetic dilemma!

September 1, 2010
By morgiegetsmoney BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
morgiegetsmoney BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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"tell me i cant, i'll show you i can."

To the eye, I would come across as you’re typical charismatic young lady… but if you saw my inside you would see that I am a type 1 juvenile diabetic, struggling with the changes of growing up. I’ve been hospitalized so many times these past few years I can’t even keep track on both hands. My immune system isn’t strong. I’ve lost so much weight its ridiculous. And my emotions run haywire!
I’m mainly posting this just to see what all people have to say about their life with diabetes, whether its you personally or someone you know. I want to hear experiences, solutions to problems, anything! I just think it would be cool to have some conversation going for those of us in need of advice or cheering up or encouragement!
So please…. Speak you’re mind! :)

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