Themes of Loneliness

July 25, 2010
By Samantha Wilder BRONZE, Bronx, New York
Samantha Wilder BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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Many Americas suffer from loneliness. One thing that results in loneliness is Depression. Depression has been around in American history for a very long time now. A lot of people suffer from this illness. Some individuals don’t recover and are in a state of depression for the rest of their lives. Depression can usually begin in the teenage years. The stress from everything can take a toll on the teenage mind. Everything from passing classes and relationships are all bunched up into a few years. Not to mention peer pressure and family issues. Usually teens don’t want to share their issues with the world. So they hold it in and all of the stress builds up, leaving them in a state of depression.

The most important part of depression is how it occurs. I would say isolation within society is another reason why people end up lonely. When isolated from society, you definitely feel lonely because the fact of it is you are alone. Isolation has come across me many times within my 18 years of living. One of the most famous isolation acts is segregation in America. African-Americans were isolated from society; leaving them scarred for life. Actions were taken for this to be stopped and within a few years, it was. Thanks to the civil rights movement and the activists involved; People such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King jr., and Jesse Jackson. Within the novella Of Mice and Men, the men were alone in the beginning. This reminds me a lot of isolation. Isolation doesn’t always have to be to the level of extreme. It can be as simple as not being around civilization for a while. Don’t get me wrong there’s a huge difference between feeling lonely and being alone. When you’re feeling lonely, it’s an emotional feeling. It affects a person a deeper level than someone just being alone. When someone is alone, it’s just physical. They are physically alone. They are away from society for a while and eventually; people will accompany them. Ultimately, they will not be affected by this action.

Depression results from loneliness. It can be something that will change your life for the worst. Many of those that suffer from it is put on meds to get out of that state of mind. In my eyes, Depression can be like a chain reaction. It leads to other problems that can affect a person in a horrible manner. I’ve encountered many people who have been affected with the illness of depression. Whether it’s minor or major, it changes everything around you in some way.

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