Would You Like To Keep Your Lungs?

June 16, 2010
By Anonymous

You’re in the nearest store, wanting buy a pack of cigarettes. Slow down! Do you even know that smoking increases your risks of getting lung cancer? Did you know that it chance your appearance and your teeth? It even affects the heart which circulates the life in your body. Smoking is dangerous with general knowledge that smoking is one of the biggest killers worldwide even today.

Did you know that according to the article on www.quit-smoking-stop.com that there are about 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke and 50 of them are known carcinogens, which means they are cancerous to humans, and seeing that humans are the biggest population on the planet it would affect us. One of the chemicals in the smoke is, Hydrogen Cyanide which is definitely poisonous to humans seeing as it can lead to respiratory failure, and that its gas chamber poison. It must be great to take in a little poison every day that keeps building up to a failure to one part of your body.

Smoking also cause several cancers, a big one that comes up is lung cancer, where tar in cigarettes builds up a lot in your lungs which clogs your cilia and the cilia’s job is to remove anything harmful from your lungs so if that gets clogged your lungs are going to slowly get damaged and the tar will probably turn it black. There’s also a low survival rate past the 5 year period of lung cancer.

Look at this chart and at stage IV or 5 the % is lower than 10.

I doubt anyone would want to limit their lives to a 5 year period since most people would want to live much longer than 5 years. Cigarettes cause lung cancer because of the carcinogens which include Benzene which is used to make plastic and rubber products. I wonder if anyone turned part rubber…

Smoking also affects your appearance such as your skin and your teeth. These appearances will definitely not be very favored since if you keep smoking, eventually your skin will wrinkle earlier then it should and it’ll start turning into different colors. The wrinkles are caused by nicotine which is also the drug in cigarettes that gets you hooked into them. The wrinkles are caused by the carbon monoxide that goes into your skin through the bloodstream which takes away needed nutrients and vitamins to keep the skin healthy. Carbon Monoxide is also poisonous to your cells if you constantly inhale it many times a day like using cigarettes. With all the other poisons in the cigarette smoke and themselves your liver works overtime to expel these chemicals from your body and that damages it and you might eventually have a liver failure which is very dangerous seeing as the liver is what keeps your body away from dangerous substances. It’s an open mat for infection for any germ that crosses your way which is million s.

Here’s a picture for smokers skin,
While I would get in trouble for posting someone’s face on work, but this is what would happen to the skin around your lips if you kept smoking and it’s because of the starved nutrient skin and the repetitive motion of having a cigarette in your mouth that creates those wrinkles.

Smoking also damages your teeth because of the tar and sometimes your teeth would become yellow because of the tobacco in it.

I got this picture of a smoker’s teeth from www.drwempedentalhealth.com/.../smokersteeth.jpg The black stuff around the teeth is most likely build up from tar and some of the teeth are blue.

Why would you want this to happen?

Smoking also increases your chances of heart disease. Nicotine increases your blood pressure and heart rate, which puts a strain on your heart, which is dangerous. Smoking also increases the chance of blood clots in your blood stream which disrupts the flow of blood to a part of your body, which can increase chances of heart attack if the blood clot is one of the arteries that supply the heart with oxygen. Smoking also turns your teeth yellow when you smoke because of the tar and other stuff in cigarette smoke which usually are the color brown and yellow. If you smoke a pack a day for years, you nearly double your risk of heart attack.

Smoking destroys your lungs, ruins your appearance, and strains your heart giving you much more heart attacks then you should that it isn’t very surprising. If you are one of the few people that are perfectly fine from smoking for a long time then good for you. If you’re not, then stop smoking, it could hurt your body permanently. Smoking is also the killer of thousands of people do you want to be one of them?

The author's comments:
A person puffing a massive cloud of cigarette smoke in my face.

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