The Answer Is In Your Heart

June 7, 2010
By MEAVALON BRONZE, Escondido, California
MEAVALON BRONZE, Escondido, California
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People do indeed get drunk! People do indeed celebrate with alcohol! People do indeed get killed by drunk drivers! People do indeed die from too much alcohol consumption! Alcohol is a bad bad thing. First it tastes vile! Second it takes over your body. And third alcohol kills your brain cells!!!!!!! This summer my family and I were on a road trip to Canada when we stopped in a small town known as Mendicino. My mom really wanted to stop there because she thought it would be a really cute town. But then she realized it was literally drunkville! I figured it would be like that because it was the fourth of July.

Since my mom is really into antiques we went into an antique shop. as soon as we walked in there my sister and my dad disappeared. We found out that they had gone to the restroom. Since I had to go too I went. While we were walking a random dude walked up to my dad and asked him,” Hey, yo! Houdya like Mendicino?” He was very high on alcohol. It was really scary to see that.

After that we went to the bathrooms. OMG! the lines were giant! While we waited it felt like time had completely stopped! Then an ugly obese lady wearing pink and green walked up. She had two other friends with her. She was falling over one of them and the other she was yelling at to get as many more cases of beer as she could carry. She looked hideous! Her mousy brunette hair was in a matted ponytail. Her face looked green. She was also talking really surly. I could tell that the moment I saw her that she was DRUNK!

After I came out of the porta-poty she was still there. But this time she was making up her own jokes and laughing at them. If you want to be funny, don’t laugh at your own jokes! We hurriedly went past and finally left.

I kept on thinking about that day for the rest of the summer and wondered why a cute little town would have sooo many drunks in it.

I believe that alcohol should be illegal and anyone who sells it would go to jail. I believe that parents shouldn’t be able to give their children alcohol. I believe that 90% of the time, if the drivers drunk, that at least on passenger dies on that day. I believe that Alcohol KILLS your brain cells. Will you decide to become one of them? The ones who walk around tripping over their own feet. Will you become the alien who had horid breath? Look into your heart. The answer’s in there.

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