Child Obesity in America

June 1, 2010
By audracf BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
audracf BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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In 2008, only one state out of our 50 states had less than 20% of their population listed as obese. In October of 2007, the rate for obesity among children was 60%. I attend middle school in Washington State, and everyday I witness kids my age eating non-nutritious, greasy foods for lunch. For a lot of families on tight budgets, they turn to the school district to provide their kids with no-charge or reduced price lunches and breakfasts. One of the options that kids get when buying lunch is pizza, and most take that choice because of the poor substitutes. This means that many kids are eating junk food for lunch, and not sufficiently exercising to burn off all of the empty calories. I think that the school district should start making better quality lunches that have options that are both yummy to eat and nutritious for the kids eating them. The obesity problem in our country isn’t going to just go away without any effort from us. The food at school sets a standard for the food kids eat at home, and we need to keep that standard as high as we set the education.

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