Who's the real Bad Guy ?? Legalize ... Marijuana !!

May 5, 2010
By Amyzworld BRONZE, North Vernon, Indiana
Amyzworld BRONZE, North Vernon, Indiana
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In the United States alone 527,600 people die from legal substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and over the counter medication such as aspirin.. Want to know how many people have died from marijuana use ? NONE...In spite of this information from Drugwarfacts.org , marijuana has caused an uproar not only in the U.S but all over the globe since 1937 … I believe marijuana should be legalized and this is why.
Less than one-percent of marijuana users smoke marijuana daily, so it's easy for them to put down marijuana and never pick it up again...An even smaller percentage of people have a dependence for Marijuana, and for those who have a dependence, it's remarkably mild...Unlike tobacco,alcohol and even painkillers Marijuana is a non-addictive substance and it's illegal , but yet the government says that it's okay to make addictive substances legal . I thought our government was supposed to protect us from harm, not sell it to us ?? Make Marijuana legal because it's a non-addicting substance and also a natural herb!! You might have been told that marijuana contains a substance called THC which , in fact, it does . This THC has been scientifically proven to kill cancer cells in most people... So you say just give cancer patients pure THC . Well for one, it's not as effective as smoked marijuana, and plus taking pure THC is also proven to produce more unpleasant psychoactive side affects than just smoked Marijuana . Marijuana has helped more than just cancer patients . It also can help those with neurological disorders , and there are plenty more disorders it could help make easier to live with so if it's legal imagine how many cancer patients and even more disordered people could be pain free for once without becoming addicted.
I'm sure you've been told marijuana kills your brain cells , and scientific studies have shown that marijuana does not cause brain abnormalities , and the fact is that there has been no scientific evidence to support that marijuana kills brain cells...So I believe the United States Government should legalize marijuana and quit with the pettiness ...The stuff they should be fighting to legalize should be the alcohol that damages our liver and is also addictive along with half the things that are legal...The tobacco that causes lung cancer, the painkillers our friends (and in some cases family members) are prescribed to by their trusted physicians and are becoming addicted to and more than twenty-percent of these people overdose on their prescribed medications/painkillers...I don't know about you but I think that the government should stop sweeping the real issues under the rug and take action,and instead of saying marijuana is the bad guy , they should legalize it and make the true bad guys illegal !!! -Amy Harden

The author's comments:
Hey guy's i wrote this editorial because it was for a grade , but i also believe that Marijuana should be legalized so if you agree comment me and tell why and do the same if you disagree !!!

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