Smokeless Tobacco

May 10, 2010
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Every year over 420,000 Americans die because of smoking. Out of those 420,000, 53,800 of them are non smokers that die from second hand smoke. People think that they should completely ban smoking and tobacco use. There is a less harmful and a environmentally safer way to feed the addiction of nicotine - chew, dip, and snuff. These types of smokeless tobacco are not safe alternatives to cigarettes and they can still cause many diseases and cancers of the cheek, lip, throat and mouth. But only about ----- die a year from smokeless tobaccos. It doesn’t make your cloths reek of cigarettes and I have never once in my life meet anyone who die from second hand smokeless tobacco.

People begin smoking in high school and middle school because it looks “cool” to see smoke coming out of their mouth. Most high school students and middle school students don’t think it looks that cool to see brown spit come out of their mouth every minute or two or to see their lip sticking out like a squirrel. So it would help with the influence on the youth.

When people smoke cigarettes they aren’t only hurting themselves they are hurting the people around them. Also a smoker can’t smoke everywhere, like in movies and restaurants. But a dipper can dip just about anywhere. Many forest fires are cause by people throwing their cigarette butts on the ground. Dip can’t start a fire. When a smoker is done with his cigarette, often times he/she will just throw it on the ground or drop it out the window. That is littering and can hurt the environment as well. Dip and chew are biodegradable and will disintegrate over a short period of time.

Dip and chew are not safe alternatives to cigarettes but they are defiantly better for the environment and can cut down air pollution and littler.

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