May 5, 2010
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Do you think people that cheat in life should get an award for it? Well I don't, and that's what professional players in all sports are doing when they use steroids. So when professional players that get caught, their records should be smashed and go back to the older record.

Why, you guys are probably asking? Well first it can be lethal to the players and can hurt their heart,lungs, really any part of their body. If they still get to keep their record, that might encourage that player to continue using steroids. And if that player is that good to live in the dream of being a professional player, why chance of getting hurt or maybe even dying?

Also, if people were able to use steroids, records would be broken every day and for guys/girls that don't use steroids, it would be impossible to break that new record.

So if you want a star player to ruin his life or even end his life with steroids, go ahead. But if you don't want to just cheat your way into life, QUIT now and go to try to break that record truly.

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512das said...
Nov. 7, 2010 at 1:37 pm
I know it is cheating when players use steroids, but I think they should keep their records. Players used steroids to help them achieve the goal of breaking that record, but they are still the ones who is doing the hard work. Like in baseball they are the ones trying to hit the ball, they have to watch the ball to hit it. The steroids only help them hit the ball farther and harder. It is the job of the commissioner and the manager of the team to make sure and to stop them from using steroids.
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