April 30, 2010
By casey nierenberg BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
casey nierenberg BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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It’s been a huge problem lately in sports, mostly professional sports, which players are
illegally using muscle enhancing drugs such as steroids. Using any muscle enhancing drugs in
sports has always been looked down upon, but why should it? The professional sports are
televised for our entertainment, so then why not make it more entertaining?

Yes, its true, steroids have been tested and they do cause heart issues and excessive
aggressiveness, but aggressiveness makes sports more dramatic and exciting. Its also the players
own choice and risk for taking steroids, so then its their own fault for getting heart diseases.

Sure, having the underdogs winning it all in the national championship game is always
dramatic and exciting, but what if the underdogs were huge guys and were still individualy
amazing. It wouldn’t be a slow boring paced game, it would be fast paced andgreat plays would
be happening every second. Whoever the audience is they would be on their feet yelling in

You be the judge… would you rather have ok games and a few exciting games throughout the
season or constant thrilling, breath-taking and crazy games throughout the season.

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