People should have the right to die how they want to

April 13, 2010
Every human born on this earth has the right to do what they wish and what makes them happy. The United States has the unalienable rights, which guarantees you privileges that nobody can take away from you. Death should not be anything that is feared, for everybody dies eventually, and nobody deserves to have a graceful and peaceful death. I believe everyone has the right to decide their fate. And of course we shouldn’t go out and start killing people, robbing banks or assaulting others, we are in a country that protects, we should there take initiative and do whatever we wish with them. I don’t believe that there should be others that have a say in what we want and what makes us happy, the pursuit of happiness. Many people from other parts of the world where their own countries do not respect them as individuals and are denied what is from birth given to them, to do what they please, they are forced by their government to work, and are not treated with monotony, having them work all day and giving them scraps of food at the end of the day. As Americans, that we have so much rights and privileges, we have the right to do what makes us happy, to do what we want, to decide if we want. Benjamin Franklin said, “This constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself though”. We are the model for the other people of the world, some look up to us as the ultimate dream that we are the country of opportunity, the ones that allows everybody to be happy, to do what they will with their lives. Morally, we are given the good sense to do what we want, and as Americans we are bestowed the gift that we can decide that for ourselves. We are given the deed to do what we please and what ever happens, its up to us to make the best of it, to make sure that little bit of its worth what truly brings us pleasure in life, for life is very short and nobody knows how long we are on this earth.

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