transfusion baby

April 8, 2010
By Anonymous

There were once two babies who were born to a young mother, the babies had many problems. The first was named Asha, the second was Jackie. Jackie was in the hospital for five weeks and Asha was in the hospital for six and a half weeks. Jackie died as an infant, only four months old. This left their mother heart broken.
Their father, their mother’s ex-boyfriend, was a heartless man he could care less. Asha always felt empty, incomplete. When she found out about her sister she knew this was the reason she felt the way she did. Sadly she had to move with her father, her time there she felt as if she didn’t belong. At the age 13 she finally moved back with her mother. She felt welcomed until her mother got married. She did not like her step father.
Three yeas later she started high school. She tried committing suicide, it was unsuccessful. They stayed with the man for another year, and then moved with her grandparents. She is now living a happy life. We can all learn something from this: you can’t decide you fate and that most things happen for a reason.

The author's comments:
this story is actully my sister and i but i changed the names <3

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