should steroids be illegal?

April 1, 2010
By shannell van liew BRONZE, Jc, New Jersey
shannell van liew BRONZE, Jc, New Jersey
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Are you going to live healthy and with the way your body is, or possibly die gaining pounds of muscles the wrong way? Every year about 400 people die from using steroids. Steroids are just a
used to increase something in a person’s body that’s having a growth problem or to strengthen parts of their body. When some people take steroids and it isn’t showing a lot of progress they sometimes over dose. When they do this it can lead to heart disease, different types of cancer, and possibly HIV.

Be aware of tainted meat! Not only can steroids harm people it also harms animals. The people that sell the chicken, beef and other meats we eat sometimes give the animals steroids so that they can be sold for a higher profit. Them doing this not only harms the animals it also harms the people that consume them. Over 12millon cows are given steroids every year.

Advertisements play a big role in the empowerment and undergoing of steroids. Steroids are something that shouldn’t be advertised as a good thing but they are. Steroids are being advertised on television, bill boards, magazines, and the internet. Most of the time when you watch tv you may see the actors on the show joking around about them taking steroids and how it improves their body. This has an effect on people watching these shows that have a problem with their appearance.

Steroids should be illegal because with them being legal they are available to anyone with the money to buy them. If they are to be legal, then they should be prescribed for medical reasons and none other.

In other words, steroids being legal is a problem in our society. They are being bought mostly by people who have no real appearance problem, advertised in the wrong way, and used to make animals bigger.

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on Jun. 4 2010 at 5:52 pm
allisonl97 BRONZE, =), Wisconsin
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i think that steroids are okay but only if u are using them for a good reason like in medications because they can actually help u if they are used correctly...

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