Health care

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

At 2010, the president of U.S. senate decided they would go to do the health care program. Health care program had a lot of argument between house represented and president. The reason why they have argue was that economic system and some of republican represent people doesn’t want to do that.
They success to pass the health care and people start look at what is the beneficial of health care and what is harmful of health care.

The health care has a beneficial that all the people could get the medical care in the country. The people who has citizenship, they could get helped by their country government. They also could save peoples’ life. Actually, a lot of people in U.S. died everyday by disease and cancer. Between them, a lot of people could save their life when they were alive, but because of U.S. doesn’t have health care, they just died even don’t know why they died. However, after the health care program started, people would go to the hospital more often and they could check what they have problem on their body and if they need to get surgery, they could get the surgery before the disease or cancer gets worse. For fact, a lot of Europe countries and some eastern Asia country already start the health care and the people who lived in there got a lot of medical care in their country.

The health care also has harmful things that government should tax a lot. The country where already start the health care, they pay a lot of tax for their federal government, because they should pay the tax for the health care. It needs to be more tax collecting if the population gets larger. The reason why it should gets more tax collecting because more people wants to go to hospital and it is really hard to pay for federal tax in the country.

The health care already started and the people would get better medical care. However, people also should look at what is the harm of health care and how they should take care of it.

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