If You Heard the Cries

March 17, 2010
By Williams_Imani BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Williams_Imani BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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If you heard the cries of those who need organ donations, if you had seen

the stories, if you had felt the pain and disappointment of those who need organ

donations, what would you do? What would you say to them? Would you say or

do anything at all? No need to explain, you already have. You haven’t said

anything, done anything, and I know for sure, you haven’t felt the same emotions.

But by the end of this speech you will feel.

The procedure for organ donations have improved incredibly. The only

problem is that there is barely any organs to donate. All the funding, technology,

and doctors are there and doing nothing but collecting dust. Because of the lack

of available donors in this country, 2,025 kidney patients, 1,347 liver patients,

458 heart patients and 361 lung patients died in 2001 while waiting for life-saving

organ transplants. This is in 2001, just imagine how high it is now.

I know what you’re thinking, “I’m too young to donate anything.” No you’re

not. A newborn can donate, just as long as you have parental consent, then you

can donate. If you don’t’ feel comfortable with donating now, you can still donate

when you’re decease. When you’re dead, your just brain dead, but your organs

can still work with the use of ventilators. You’re dead anyway, so why do you

need a heart or a lung? It’s still possible to have an open casket and your family

and friends won’t even notice the difference. It’s just something you need to think


Give the gift of life to the newborn.

Give the gift of life to the art teacher.

Give the girt of life to the mail woman.

Give the gift of life to the librarian.

Give the gift of life to the friend you haven’t met yet.

Show to your brothers and sisters that you do care. Show to them that you want

them to be happy. Don’t push them out of your mind, like an annoying chore.

If you heard the cries of those awaiting organ donations, would you cover

your ears like an immature child?

Would you explain how much you need it more than they do?

Would you care at all?

Or would you do something about it?

Take the first step and listen to their prayers.

Listen to their stories.

Listen to their dreams.

Witness their abilities

Feel their pain.

Feel their desires.

If you where one of these people, if you woke up each day crying in relief that

you woke up at all, if you went to the hospital asking if there was a donation but

again getting the same answer, if you went through the day thinking of if

tomorrow was the day you would leave this earth, then stand up right now and

explain how you feel. I was expecting that reaction-silence. A type of silence that

could convince the moon that it’s the time to rise. A type of silence that if is

breathed in, it would take all oxygen with it. A type of silence that is almost

deafening the ear and soul.

But its time to break the silence. It’s time for the patients to use their

voice, and its time for us to listen.

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