Marijuana and Teens

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Marijuana smoke has a lot of similarities with a regular cigarette and can cause infections like pneumonia, affect your T-cells in your immune system, and even can cause cancer in the long run. Today more and more teenagers are trying drugs and usually their first drug is always Marijuana. Marijuana nowadays is not really expense and you can pretty much find a dealer within ease. A lot of people argue that Marijuana is not bad because it is only a plant, and it is just a time of fun but people don’t look at the truth about Marijuana. Since, it is rather easy to locate the drug it‘s one of the most successful drugs out today. Marijuana is no joke and even though it is glamorized on the media it is not ok to do and should be avoided at all times.

Today estimated amounts of sixty percent of teenagers who do drugs use Marijuana. Sixty percent is rather high and the reasons for many kids doing it are the media, peer pressure from friends, and escape from problems like at school or at home. A number of kids smoke Marijuana for all the wrong reasons, and instead of facing and dealing with their problems they decide to smoke so they can forget it all. Even though they will forget all about the situation that they are in they will sooner or later have to face it, and teens can’t have smoking be their solution for their problems for the rest of their lives. The media shows a lot of drug abuse such as in music and movies, and kids assume since it is on TV it is acceptable to do and it’s cool when it’s the complete opposite. Older siblings, close relatives and friends can also peer
pressure someone to smoke just to fit in with the crowd. Marijuana is no joke and even though it is glamorized on the media it is not ok to do and should be avoided at all times.

Many people think that Marijuana is a healthy drug and that nothing will happen, just a couple side effects like; bloodshot eyes, excessive laughing, dizziness, forgetting everything that occurred or is occurring. The reality is smoking “pot” is very similar to smoking a cigarette. A person can build up breathing difficulties over time, turn out to be quite paranoid and N.I.D.A (dizziness or anxiety). One very hazardous ingredient found in Marijuana is THS (tetrahydrocannabinal) it is like excessive alcohol use that tricks your brain when your sleep that you have gone through the REM stage. Since smoking Marijuana is similar to smoking cigarettes one can develop cancer and lose T-cells from your immune system.

Ages of kids who seek treatment from abuse of smoking are between the ages of twelve and older. It’s ridiculous that kids who aren’t even necessarily teenagers are in treatment for drug abuse. The drug is just too easy to locate, there is more and more dealers and it’s not very expensive. California is a huge Marijuana state, there are entire communities that have it in their backyard growing freely, and a bill was passed stating that Marijuana was legal if it had to do with medical issues. A lot people will have it at hand not only teenagers but everyone. It’s crazy to think that in California our neighbor state is legalizing Marijuana how will that impact drug abuse in Nevada?

Even though there are statistics and health issues with Marijuana many kids will keep their opinion on it and say there is nothing wrong with selling or smoking pot. Teenagers are usually not exposed to the true side of marijuana and they need to be taught not just said “Don’t do drugs they are bad for you”, it just leaves them in wonder and they seek to find out why and when they try it and see nothing to scary happens they think it’s ok. Just the next time you think hey I think I’ll go smoke with my friends they are doing it or I’m really depressed I need to smoke to get my mind off it, is it really worth putting yourself in danger just to be happy or relaxed for a couple of minutes or hours? The fact of the matter is whatever you’re opinion on smoking Marijuana is it’s simply illegal and obviously it’s illegal for a reason.

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on Apr. 4 2011 at 6:46 pm
Pandas4Peace SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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It's THC, silly, and it's not in the least dangerous. Actually, emerging studies are suggesting that it not only helps cancer patients eat, but actually FIGHTS THE CANCER. Therefore, I encourage you to go eat a bowl of spaggheti and stop bothering innocent internet users with your silly notions.

Ninten said...
on Apr. 7 2010 at 4:28 pm
Ninten, Fresno, California
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Well, can you prove to me that marijunana can cause cancer. Or you don't have too. You can just watch your favorite movie, reefer madness.

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