Salmonella and the FDA

March 10, 2010
By Le Bron SILVER, Roslyn, New York
Le Bron SILVER, Roslyn, New York
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Thousands of processed food products have been recalled for a threat of salmonella. Federal Food Regulators have stated that there is an ingredient in the processed food that is causing the salmonella. This product can be found in foods such as chilies to hot dogs to vegetable dips to soups.

The ingredient causing the salmonella has been disclosed by the US Food and Drug Administration. The Food and Drug Administration has released the product to be Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. The Food and Drug Administration has also disclosed that only Las Vegas based companies have been found distributing food containing the Salmonella disease; however, no action has been taken against these companies as of now.

These Las Vegas companies are major producers of prepackaged food and specifically Basic Flavors Inc is a very large producer of prepackaged foods that may contain Salmonella. Basic Flavors Inc. produces prepackaged chickens, soups, dips, tortillas, and chilies. Jeffrey Farrar, an associate and a doctor for the Food and Drug Administration has stated that the risk for getting Salmonella from these products is “very low” because the Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein content is less than 1%, but one can never be too careful.

The investigation into the Basic Flavors Inc. has uncovered the fact that the machines at the Basic Flavors Inc. factories actually contain Salmonella causing the Salmonella to be passed into the food. The Food and Drug Administration has stated that all food distributed by the Basic Flavors Inc. since September 17, 2009 has to be recalled for the fear of someone getting sick from Salmonella.

This accident has also occurred right in the middle of when Congress is trying to pass new food related legislations. These legislations are aimed at trying to give the Food and Drug Administration more money and authority so that they can try to prevent problems like this Salmonella outbreak from occurring. However, the legislation is far from being over and every day wasted trying to pass this legislation is a day that a new disease could be found in the food we eat everyday.

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