Are you really what you eat?

March 4, 2010
By Starla13 SILVER, Leesville, Louisiana
Starla13 SILVER, Leesville, Louisiana
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Life is one thing you should love, but love is one thing you should live for.

There are so many controversies about health and what is good for you. There are even the people who starve themselves just for the right look. But what are you really doing to your body when you overeat and don't eat at all? Your slowly killing yourself, that's what.To lose weight, you should eat a low calorie diet, drink plenty of water and make certain that a good percentage of your diet includes high quality protein, green veggies and fruit. Starvation diets may result in serious and permanent health problems and possibly even death. This step to losing weight is not so much about looking good, than it is feeling good. Imagine waking in the morning and feeling wonderful about yourself and actually looking forward to that veggie breakfast or that morning run. Being healthy is about being in control of your body as well as your mind. So many people say,"Well,it's hard to lose weight!" Well, it sure wasn't that hard to gain it,and if you really want to get control of your life,then losing the weight that has been holding you down for so long will pick you up and lift you into the air with the greatest feeling. Accomplishment. The feeling of pursuing something and finally having grapsed it and clung to it with a grip like iron. So get healthy. Be happy. And just live a great and healthy life.

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Don't be scared to just let go and pursue your dreams. If you want to fly a plane,then fly it. If you want to become president, then get to it. And if you want to lose weight and gain confidence, then look inside yourself and find the strength to suceed.Because it is possible, you just have to believe.

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