The American Dream

March 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Most people in the world grow up and settled down to start a family. Every person is here on this earth to reproduce. That is everyone’s goal to pass on their gene’s wither we know it or not. The average age for someone to get married has gone up and down for the past hundreds of years. In 2007 the average age for a woman to get married was 25 and for the men it was 27, by then you start thinking about the future, starting a family and even life 50 years from now. There are a few of the unfortunate couples who cannot have children. They may begin to think about being able to adopt, but it can be very expensive.

I find this a big problem, the cost that people have to pay just to save a life and fill a dream is much to expensive. To adopt a child internationally the cost is $7,000 to $30,000. If you considered adoption from the United States it would cost $5,000 to $40,000. Really, only 16% of the America’s children are adopted each year. No more than 2% of America families actually adopt. I believe the reason ithe adoption percent is so low is mostly due to the cost that someone would have to pay. It is not your fault that you cannot have a child. People should not have to pay for a child that was given up under many different circumstances. A thought that I has come in to mind is that it should be the same amount that any pregnant mother has to pay, for the supplies, doctors visits ect. Even thought they are not the ones carrying the child they should still pay the same amount as if they were. If the child had any complications during the term that they were in the whom then they would pay for that cost.
Many people do not agree with my statement, that the adoption cost should drastically dropped. I asked 10 people this question, Do you think that people should have to pay the amount they do to adopt a child. Amie of Nevada says, “Yes, because no random person should be able to adopt, what if they do not have good intentions.” Kyle did not know that it even had a price tag on it. He thought that all you have to have is a good income and all of the necessary things required to have a child. 9 out of 10 agreed that the adoption price is much to high.
I can see where Amie is coming from but they do have background screenings and they do home checks, It is not as if they stand on the corner of the street and ask people to take the children that are in need of homes. Some of the money is put toward building new orphanages and even new foster families in the same country the child came from.
In conclusion I believe that the cost should be negotiated with each family to see what they are able to pay and there should be a minimum price set for each state that they have to obeyed by. That they should also continue with the screenings and the home checks, not just before they get the children but also after in the following years.

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