Beauty: The "Biggest" Double Standard

February 11, 2010
By , pittsfield, MA
A thin women walking in the mall looks over to her friend and says,
“Did you see how fat that girl looked in those pants?”

The curvy women who was being looked at by the thin women looks t
o her friend and says “Oh goodness do you see that women, I can see her bones from here, she needs a burger.”

Come on you all know you have said it, I know I have. It’s not because we are bad people, we are just all tainted by this gosh darn media that tells us a size 00 is attractive. And if we aren’t a 00 we feel the need to lash out on the people that are. Now I’m not making excuses for anyone out there at has made judgments based on weight, no matter what way you put it it’s wrong. Obesity rates are on an all time high. In fact 18% of teens in the US are classified as obese. Now with this raise in obesity and the media glorifying stick thin women it is only natural that eating disorders are also on the rise. Approximately 8 million Americans have eating disorders, 1 million men and 7 million women. 100 years ago curves were considered sexy but now they are considered vile. Why…? Well I believe it’s because if there is a beautiful women who weighs 200 pounds walking down the red carpet, no matter how great her dress looks we will always think… She looks great for a bigger woman. So we don’t want to be that “big” women so we start to eat healthy, we exercise and all of this is great (being healthy) if done healthily. But some take it too far.

I was doing some research on eating disorders and came across this utterly disturbing site. This webpage gave women “tips” on how to maintain a “healthy eating disorder, isn’t that an oxy moron. Some of these tips included while you are being forced to watch other people eat think to your self that they are inferior and that the food in which they are putting in there mouths will just kill them in the end. Also this site suggested rewarding yourself by putting money in a jar that would normally be spent on food and later spend it on shopping to distract your self from eating. Also there were pictures of women proud of being anorexic showing there skeletal bodies off, is this the new definition of beauty? How can seeing a women’s rib be considered remotely attractive, let alone sexy. Women, men, moms, dads, sisters, brothers… it’s a new day we need to stop judging people. We need to put an end to this growing pandemic, because if we don’t who will? In 20 years from now do you really want your children and grandchildren to think that they need to starve themselves in order to be considered attractive? I highly doubt it. So you may be asking; what do we do, how do we make this change. Well the first step is we need to stop judging, not only the people around us but ourselves. Let’s except our fat, curves, rolls, or if you are naturally thin, let’s except our bony thighs. The world needs to change because if it doesn’t people will just continue to change for the world… and is that really a good thing?

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