How To Help - Your Small Guide To Prevent Teen Suicide

January 28, 2010
By APoetAtHeart GOLD, Lyman, Maine
APoetAtHeart GOLD, Lyman, Maine
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Suicide is among,the worlds largest top killers. A simple ending to life that could
of easily been prevented. The world dreads,and mourns over the suicides of America,or the loved ones they lost. Ultimately, it comes down to a very few points.
The biggest factors that lead to suicide,in my belief,is

Lack Of Communication and Understanding
Sexual Orientation (s) Please note,Bi/Gay/Lesbian Teenagers are more then 3.4% likely to
commit suicide then the average heterosexual Teenager.
Parents and Friends NOT Knowing How To Help

Suicide is a great concern,and should NEVER be taken lightly. Any severity is always important to know how to work with it.I can give you resources and tools to help,
but in the end it's up to you.

If you're concerned about a friend,talk to them. Have them open up to you,of course at their own pace. Some people, will naturally be stubborn. The best thing you can ever do
IS NOT GIVE UP. That is the worst thing ever to do. Talk about getting some support,like your school Guidance Counselor, a Parent,teacher etc. That is how I got the support
I needed when I was Diagnosed with Chronic Mild- Moderate Depression.

It most, severe cases like I have dealt with in the past week,is talking to the figure
in the Teenagers life that can make change.Preferably,a parent. Although,your friend may
not like that you are telling their parents,it can REALLY help if you approach
in the right way. I suggest,writing their parents a letter. In my most recent
case,I am dealing with a Suicidal girl. I will keep her Identity totally secret,and
will not be going into details.
Although, I care about her as much as anything,I have worked with her for months for her to get support,to let me help. Month after month,I failed. This left me with one option....I had given up. Although, her cry for me made me go back. She needed me,because I was the last person on earth that understood her.Once I told her I can't help,she had a threat of suicide. Very serious case.In this situation. I sent her dad a message. Knowing that she and him are extremely close,but not close enough.

The girls name has been changed for her Identity.

Hello Mr.._______,I know you and Sarah are very close and I have huge concerns over her safety. Sarah refuses it seems,
to think about telling anyone what she may be going through.
I am one of her closest friends and I am trying to help the best of my ability for the safety of your daughter.
I honestly,believe Sarah needs clinical support. Tonight, Sarah was upset that I per say "abandoned her".
Once I decided I was almost about to give up,she used suicide threat. Sarah quote on quote " Fine if its going to be that way I have no reason to live I should just die nobody cares about me anymore.I don't even care about me I hate myself"
Please,do not be angry at her or mad.She needs the support to get through any of this.
Please try talking to her... I am sending you this message because I care for her safety and her well being.
PS. I am not just guessing myself,I personally have Chronic Mild Depression. I have helped Sarah out for a LONG time. Please,if you love her,help her.

Note in my letter, I stayed totally relaxed and did not let my emotions go into control.
Show how much you care,and are concerned. Talk about how your relationship is,
ect. It is one of many methods I have found to work.

Overall,if you can't do anything other then be there for them,that's the best thing
any person can have.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because many people do not know how to help. It is important to know how.

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on Apr. 11 2010 at 6:37 pm
SerenityMine BRONZE, Not Saying, California
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Great article; thank you for writing it.


paperflowers said...
on Mar. 28 2010 at 4:51 pm
paperflowers, Imaginary, Indiana
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I think suicide is so sad... this would have been a little easier to read if you put spaces after the commas, though.


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