Managing Stress

January 12, 2010
To: All students
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DATE: October 12, 2009
SUBJECT: Managing stress
Talk it out with other people. Don't hold in all of your feelings. You should succumb about how you feel to someone you trust. Make a change, don't stress about it. If this happens, you should thwart the situation.

Listen to your reverberating on how your body is reacting to this.

Using physical exercises like yoga can reduce stress. It's excruciating when you're stressed. It may be because you're trying to handle a lot of situations, but you can't.

Be remote to the situation that's stressing you.

Go out and have fun or go on a vacation.

Learn to love yourself for who you're.

Make changes if it makes you happy.

Get a different job if you're not happy with the current one.
If you don't have respite to find a new job than stay with the one you have. Or have one of your best friends refer you to a job that you consider liking.

You're fretful, but keep on socializing.
Socializing will make you feel stupendous about yourself. People will know you're ubiquitous and being a social butterfly.

Having a positive attitude and reaching goals can make you successful in life.
You will feel more harbinger control. Nobody's perfect. Following the malignant will make you have bad choices. Finding a support in your community will help.

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TheUnknownGuest said...
Feb. 4, 2010 at 7:16 pm
Very nice! :)
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