Anorexia Killing the nation

January 23, 2010
By Anonymous

The Image
Did you know that almost 40 % of models are suffering a case of an eating disorder? I wonder why this has happened, over the years . Why are there so many cases of anorexia ? Well a famous model named Twiggy started this trend of being thin. The rate of models having an eating disorder is jumping to 20 to 40 percent. With a thin – obsessed culture like America many think thin is attractive . Living in America is highly desirable thing, all due to models advertising it on the runway. Being engulfed with the image of being thin has made most young girls now lay in their death beds. So why not be healthy and set a good example?

Ultra Thin Model 1

The Facts
What is anorexia you ask? Anorexia is an eating disorder that usually developed when you’re younger. People who suffer from anorexia are thin but think they are overweight . Anorexia mainly affects adolescent girls. In 2006 in Spain there was a minimum weight and BMI requirements to encourage healthier weights to models. Most designer clearly state that clothing hang better on thin models. In 1960 an average model was 5 foot 7 and weighed 129 ponds . Currently models are 5 foot 9 and 114 pounds. Dr.Key a psychiatrist says “Anorexia is the most famous eating disorder among models but bulimia is probably most common “ When eating becomes an obsession, is it possible you have an eating disorder

The Experience

Kelly Stewart 22 suffered an eating disorder at age 14. Kelly Stewart discussed her eating disorder in a Cosmo girl article. Kelly Stewart discussed that her Mom didn't believe she had an eating disorder because she wasn't underweight but she knew she had a problem on the inside. But nobody believed her until she fainted from eating too little. In Cherry Hill, NJ on September 2000 when Kelly’s parents divorced when started experiencing an eating disorder. But this doesn’t mean that everybody who’s alarmingly thin is suffering an eating disorder.

Did you know that not all people who are extremely thin are anorexic? Did you know that some people are anorexic and know they are but people don’t believe? This is what happened to Latria Graham 22 who suffered an eating disorder at the age of 11. Because of suffering a case of bulimia Latria went to boarding school so no one will find out. Later in March 2003 school officials told Latria’s Mom. ‘The doctor knew I was purging, but just wrote obese on my health chart’ said Latria. The women in Latria’s church said “Black women are supposed to be curvy”. By the time Latria went to college in September 2004 Latria stated she had frequent blackouts due to lack of nutrients. And often lost her voice from purging too much. Latria Graham discussed her problem in a Cosmo girl article. Don't be a copy cat follow your own path.

Did you know that most people developed an eating disorder early? And researchers say the earlier it is the more sever it can get later. Sarah Whitworth 19 lost a little a weight and was terrified of gaining it back. Sarah started restricting calories. Later in May 2002 Sarah started to over exercise. Then Sarah over exercised and fainted. Later Sarah’s parents sent her to hospital. Sarah promoted her story in a Cosmo Girl magazine. If you’re happy your healthy keep it that way.

Have you ever wondered why models are so thin? Well I have so that is why I did my topic on anorexia. But in the 1950s they didn’t care about the figure of the model but of the beauty. Thin became a sensation in the 19 when a 91 pound model named Twiggy came along. But if plus sized models came along in the 17th century our society would consider plus sized models to be beautiful as thin models. But in some cultures plus size figures are desirable qualities. Studies show women respond more positively to products advertised on thinner models. Many people wish that the trend of being thin would go away.

Now that you know the severity of anorexia you should know that if someone you know has it you should tell someone. If you’re scared to tell would you like to be the one asked why your friend is laying on their death bed. Did you know that there’s a design that makes you look anorexic. It’s amazing how fashion models market life threatening eating disorders. So start the trend of being healthy not skinny.

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