January 20, 2010
By dragon619 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
dragon619 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Do you know a medicine that a lot of Athletics use when they want to cheat or want to be the better? The medicine I’m talking about is steroids. A steroid is a medicine that Athletics usually used in baseball and track. Steroids can increase human’s muscles mass and speed. Steroids can make people buff like the Incredible HULK. I think that steroids are substandard to me because it is just plan cheating.

If you take steroids there are a lot of consequences. When humans and athletics take steroids it is like a drug taking over your body and making you better. When men take steroids, the steroid does a lot of things that will surprise you like cancer, HIV/Aids. It can also cause high blood pressure and heart of attack. If I heard this, then I wouldn’t want to take steroids. Another thing I’m scared about steroids because if you want to take steroids you have to inject it or pills. For the women, the steroids can do the same effect but deep voice, excessive growth of body hair, and acne and cysts. I think that women’s effects are much worse then the boys. Anyway, I don’t know why women would even want to take steroids because it just makes you big and ugly. When I see pictures of people that took steroids it just makes me want to throw up.

Many of the athletics that take steroids take it because they want to be better. One of the people that I’m talking about is Alex Rodriguez who is one of the best people in baseball... But one day The Baseball committee found out that Alex Rodriguez took steroids. I wonder why Alex Rodriguez would even take steroids. Another Athletic is Marion Jones who played for USA track and field. But she took steroids that messed her career up. The Olympics took her medals from her.

Another person that many people don’t know is Andréa Raucan who a won gold medal for Romania at 2000 Olympics. But than the International Olympics Committee found pseudoephedrine in her system. Which is another steroid? Then they took her medal. Now she on the sidelines .Another person that you probably don’t know is Ben Johnson. He was a famous Canadian runner of the 100 meter dash that set 2 world records. But all that changed when IOC which is International Olympics Committee found out that he was taking steroids.
I bet many people thought in the world that there’s only one type of steroids but they are wrong. There are more than 7 types of steroids that I didn’t know about. There are two types Oral and injections. Oral Steroids are Anadrol, Oxandrin and Dianabols and Winstrol. Injections steroids are Deca-Duralolin, Durabolin and Equipoise.

I wonder why many people do steroids because it just makes you ugly like the Incredible Hulk. And I think that people who do steroids and the Olympics is really stupid because The Olympics Committee now’s when you take steroids. When the Olympics Committee found out, then say good bye to those medals.

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on Feb. 4 2010 at 9:01 pm
TheUnknownGuest GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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