Free Health Care

December 30, 2009
By Holly53 BRONZE, McCrory, Arkansas
Holly53 BRONZE, McCrory, Arkansas
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Many people go to work at either education or health care. Why? They will never ever leave the face of the earth. Ever. In the middle east doctors do not get paid until the patient is cured. Now, especially in America, you have to pay up front to even be consider a chance of being cured. The true evil of America is not terrorists, but the insurance companies themselves. They make us have car insurance, home owners insurance, but not health insurance. Why? Because they know, darn right, that America will not pay for health insurance because WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY!!! We pay taxes, we pay insurance on absolutly everything, we pay our morgage, food (that is going up), school, utility bills, car payments, and you think we can honestly pinch out over thousands of dollars a year. Heres a clue why, minninum wage is still too low. Stop paying your ceo's and business leaders millions every year. They did a terrible job so fire them. Companies are letting go the people that worked their butts every year and not the people that mest up. Banks do not need money from the government. Hello?!?!?!?!?! They make money by interest off of people that are in debt or can't pay for their houses. Government needs to be reminded that without the poor you don't have the rich and with out the blue collar people your country will cease to exist. People are getting ticked off at the government. I do not blame them. We live our lives on "imaginary money" instead good ol' iron clad cash. Health care should be free because insurance companies are destroying America. Like any other business they want to get ahead and make profit. They tell people left and right, "NO." Who made it their decesion to decide if a person may live or die. It should be the doctors. That insurance company exec or ceo did not go to medical school so why is he/she making the big decisions. Human beings are not a number of how much of a 'risk.' When a child is sick, they lose weight. A common factor. It stagures me to find that most insurance companies will not let a child get coverage on certain operations if they do not reach a certain "weight." How sick and prejudice can you honestly get? It isn't about if your fat or skinny, if you old or young, it is about life and death. Healthcare will always make money. Its an booming business. Yes, operations and medicene costs money, but someome is obviously making a profit. We are obvoiously not checking our balance and spending. The FDA is in the same boat. You charge the elderly prescription way beyond the price you originally bought from Canada. Are you satan? The people that run the insurance companies and FDA officials are ruining this country. They are killing people left in right while putting the ones that do make it out in debt. Whether you believe in karma or not, it is this simply religous thought that when you do die you will be judged on your past life. I belive in this more than anything and religous countries all over the world do too. Is it better to destroy a million lives or save them? People want to live and not have to put their family in debt. We are simple people with the hope that if our child does get sick we will be able to helo them. The elderly made this country for what it is and should be treated with respect. The American citizens should be given the right of options from their doctors and not insurance companies. Why do people not have health insurace? I rather stay home with a broken foot than go to a hospital and have to pay for it every day of my life for years. Which people are doing every day. I rather die then beg an insurance company to give me coverage. That is a bold statement, but it is true when you think of those that have been denied. If any politician purposed free health care plan then honestly that person would have no doubt in winning an election. The American people want free health care. It may sound like a dream, but if I have to go to the middle east to get it, I probably will. Obama's Health Reform Bill is a good thing because insurance companies hate it.

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