Music Affects

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Music is one of those things that you can play for however you are feeling. We play it to make ourselves feel better after we break up with the person that we where going with. We play it when we are in a bad mood. We play it for just about everything. But the music and videos that generation sees and lessons to affect us more than we think it do.
If you think about it, it affects the way some people talk what they wear and the way they act. The reason I say these three are what affect our generation the most is. These are the ones that are the most common. With the way some people talk its more slang talk and text talk. Example of it is instead of saying I don’t know some people say “idk” and instead of saying you are playing too much some people you” blowin down”. All of this is what we see in videos.
Next is what some people wear. First the big thing was sagging but now that it’s the geek look and skinny jeans and all of this is what we see in videos and how people think they should wear to look cool and fit in with how people look. Last the way some people act. With all this rap music that some of lesion to is why some people act the way the do because. In the songs they talk about how hard life and what they do to make money like. How they sell weed and other things which lead to my last thing that music affects is. How people act. In most of the music and videos that we see the rappers talk about how hard they and smoking weed. So some people think that it’s ok to act like the rappers and join gangs and smoke weed but what they don’t understand is. That our generation is taken what they say to the extreme. I am not writing this paper to say that music is bad but to say that music affect our generation more than we think it dose and that we should pay more attain to what we lesion to and watch because. We never know how it may affect us.

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