Tanning and Skin Cancer

December 14, 2009
Millions of teenage girls tan. They tan for Prom and other school dances. Many tan without knowing the risk. Many tan ignoring the risk.The risk: increasing your chance of getting skin cancer. Many are obsessed with tanning. My sister used to tan for Prom and other dances, also during the summer she would lay outside and tan. Now she knows the risks. She will never tan again. This summer my sister got skin cancer. She was lucky and they only had to cut a small area off of her arm. She now has a scar there.People need to get the word out about skin cancer and the risks of tranning. I think it would be best if we didn't tan at all. It seems that as of lately with all the 'Twilight' buzz going around vampires are in. So think of it this way: Vampires are in, Pale is also in.

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