the abnormal people

October 28, 2009
By Anonymous

durgs are destroying young lives. lives that dont even get the chance to live and see how real life is. kids at much younger ages are doing drugs. kids who shouldnt even know what drugs are. at such a young age, while your life is just starting, you dont even know what life is...and your screwing it up. think about could be a non-living thing, rather than a real person...the controllers of this socioety we call earth. and your treating your life as if it wasnt important. think if all these famous heroes did drugs and got in trouble and didnt survive the peer preasure? where woul you be today? its rediculous how even if you know drugs kill you, and screw up your life, you still do it. if your friend gets you into it... they arent a real friend because a friend wouldnt want to watch their friend mess up their life all in a couple may not be "cool" if you dont so drugs or whatever, but think about your future, look where they'll be and look at where you'll be if you make the right decision.everyones born for a reason. and to just throw that away is just a waste. life is like a crouded aslie. there are so many decisions to make and take, but what you take is what you get. you may be overwhellmed by it sometimes but if you take the right things just sticking out for you to pick, things will be less crouded. and when you lie your ending up in a cycleof lies you cant get ot of, so yor life is practiclly a lie.
so make th right decisions and think twice about the consequences of your actions. health wise, and just how you and people see yourself. if everyone you know are makeing bad decisons and going on the wrong path, dont fallow in their footsteps... break free from the pack and become you on person with good qualities and faith. theres hope if you just think.

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