"The Loneliness of People"

December 2, 2009
By , Sparks, NV
Being alone, in today’s world, is typically an undesirable thing. Most people want to be with others, whether they be companions, lovers or family. Some are not fortunate to have these people in their lives and find themselves inexplicably alone. Solitude has its uses and positive effects, despite the obvious downsides. Spending time alone can help clear one’s mind, relieve stress, etc. These are few, though, compared to serious effects of constant solitude.

Most people, generally, hope to be with someone in the future, whether that be a spouse or partner. When this is not achieved, a person can feel a sense of failure, like something was wrong with them to not end up with another person as, perhaps, others in their life have. They cook alone and sleep alone, sharing nothing deeply personal about their lives with anyone else. The longing for someone to share your life with is almost universal. There are those that value their time alone, and would not dream of bringing someone else into their personal space, especially children.
These sorts of people thrive on leading their own lives alone, but others suffer.

Depression could be the leading result of loneliness. The longing for companionship is overwhelming, and people find themselves in such a sad state, wishing they had a more bright and happy life with many people in it. For some, this is a family. For others, it is simply a partner for life. Maybe it’s having friends in the house. Whatever the wish, depression can bring a lonely person to breaking point. Always coming home to an empty house, never cooking a large meal, going on vacations, shopping alone, or, possibly foremost, spending holidays alone.

Those who find themselves amidst the throes of sadness and depression because they are alone and find no joy in that may endure even worse results. They may wish to end their lives, or turn to drugs or alcohol to make themselves feel better.

People are puzzling. The most family-oriented person could be perfectly content with her life of solitude at home, and the most anti-social person could long for love and a large family. Loneliness has produced a great many things and types of people. It is a topic that seems so explored, but if loneliness has no more surprises for us, about what it can do to people, than this paper has no value…

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