Managing Stress: 10 steps

November 25, 2009
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The bell rings for Functions to start, the doomsday clock set off with the bell. Time for an exam, and I’m hardly prepared. After the test, stress set in about the exam I just took. Did I get a sufficient grade to pass? The results are worse than I hoped for… School, jobs, and college can be fretful at times. This memo contains ten ways to thwart stress before you become encased in it.
One way to alleviate stress is fortify yourself in a remote area and just reminisce about the good ole days.
The second way of relief is allow yourself a time of respite. I suggest going to a movie, hanging out with friends, or resting.
The third way is to listen to your favorite type of music. Let all the music reverberate through your ears to soothe you. Sometimes when I listen to music, it helps me work better because listening to lyrics helps spark ideas.
The fourth way is to go out and skateboard, or play other sports; it helps clear your mind.
Procrastination is harbinger of failure. The fifth way to deal with stress is to be prepared; plan ahead, and gain ahead on assignments.
A sixth way is when you have an excruciating amount of work, prioritize through all the assignments.
The seventh way is a ubiquitous approach for when you are absent. E-mail your teachers and ask about the assignment you did in class that day.
The eighth way is to not succumb to anything that could possibly get you in trouble when feeling stress. Don’t go to parties and get drunk or use drugs. Stress will lead to more stress.
The ninth way is to take a long bath and sit and soak in everything on your mind. This is similar to step number one.
The last and most effective test is to not think or do anything. Yes, it sounds as productive as a malignant tumor but it is effective mentally.

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