Ways To Relieve Stress

November 25, 2009
By , Hartland, WI
People can become overwhelmed and fretful between coping with work, school, and home. The most helpful method for dealing with stress is learning how to manage it. People do not take enough time of respite and are trying to be ubiquitous, handling more than they are able. Don’t succumb to your stress. Below is a list of ten ways to relieve stress:
Breathe – I find that taking long deep breathes is an easy way to relieve stress.

Exercise – Creating a daily schedule to work out can relieve tension

Laugh – Spend time with someone you care about and enjoy being around. Talk about times when you were happy and laughed.

Journal – It is excruciating for some people to talk about their feelings. Keeping a journal is an easy way to get things off your chest without exploding at the people you care about.

Vitamins – Vitamins are good for the health of your body. Being sick can put stress on you by causing you to miss work, school, and other things that are important to you.

Start a hobby – Having other activities that you’ve had an interest in but have never pursued can relieve stress.

Take a break – Take a vacation with your family or even just a few days to relax and do things you enjoy.

Music – Turn on your iPod, stereo, or computer and relax to your favorite music.

Yoga – Yoga is a combination of different stress relievers and you can stop whenever you’re feeling relaxed.

Relax – Find a remote area to be alone and pop in your favorite movie. Take the quality time you deserve to yourself.

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