Relieving Stress

November 25, 2009
By Karl Enghofer BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Karl Enghofer BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Fellow Students, I know how stressful our busy lives are. Fretful school assignments, sports, and part time jobs are a hassle. What we need is a plan for relieving stress. Just a few quick and easy steps to rid the malignant tensions of life.
Who has time for yoga before school? Certainly we can’t fit it between our five minute shower and 30 second breakfast. Instead, listen to Enya on the way to school. It’s a nice way to calm yourself before your first hour class.

Maybe you need a vacation. Take some time off for yourself. Go to a remote island where the ubiquitous stress can no longer find you. Make friends with a Toucan so you can confront it with your stress related problems.

Try skipping a day of school. It’s a harbinger for the Saturday that you will most likely receive, but a stress free day would be worth it. Mr. Negedlow’s Saturday detentions are excruciatingly boring, so stock your Ipod full of Enya prior to it.

Screaming at the top of your lungs is a good way to relieve stress. Go to into the bathroom and listen to your violent scream reverberate off the tile walls. It should have a soothing after effect.

Thwart president Obama’s plan for year-long school. 360 days of school just leads to more stress.
Everyone succumbs to stress. Find which steps are right for you.

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