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November 24, 2009
By Ashley345 BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Ashley345 BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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High school students need relief from the stress of multitasking eight classes. 1. Before first period, and after tenth period, their teachers will provide a respite. This includes some breathing exercises and self-reflection.
2. Being involved in a sport reduces stress because of the endorphins released in your body, and the friends you gain from being a part of a team.
3. Eating breakfast in the morning starts off the rest of your day. You won’t be hunger and will be focused.
4. Going to bed past ten thwarts rest, and rejuvenation; the body becomes tired, and needs to be taken well care of.
5. On the weekends, don’t succumb to peer pressure. Drinking and doing drugs adds excruciating stress on the body.
6. Yoga is a way to calm your body. It’s is also a form of exercise. Join a class on the weekends with friends.
7. Try self hypnosis. It lets your mind wander off to remote places you never thought your mind could hold.
8. Take a bubble bath. Fill the tub with your favorite fragrance, put soothing music on, and relax.
9. Go to a concert. The loud music reverberates in your ears and you can let loose and unwind with friends will you dace to their hit songs.
10. Volunteer at a local charity. When you help others your self-image improves.
The malignant stress on students should be address thoughtfully. With these tricks they may become less fretful, pay attention more, and have a positive outlook on life. There is no way to decrease the loads they have, but they can be temporarily relieved.

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