how miserable can your body make you?

August 20, 2009
By Anonymous

it all begins, you notice how you have trouble remembering names, places, and common things. It's hard to learn anything new, but that's just old age, isn't it? Then you find that it is, but it comes with a name, Alzheimer's. And it's deadly.

The terrors you can't see rage inside your skull, and it goes something like this:

Your brain. One of it's fairly larger sections, the nerve cells are a giant filing cabinet for all your memories, big and small, treasured and regretted. These tiny cells also allow you to remember things as they happen, allow you to learn and retain information, and to perform remembered functions, like eating or washing your hands. These are vital cells, whether you realize it or not.

The maintnence of these vital cells is a chemical called Acetycholine, a neurotransmittor. Acetycholine glides through your brains carrying messages and transporting nutrients that keep up the health and well-being of your nerve cells.

As Robert grows older, he has no hint of the terrors raging behind his thoughts, because these terrors have hidden in Robert's brain for years before emerging to the surface.

The acetycholine in Robert's brain has combined with abnormal protiens and deformed nerve cells to counteract itself, resulting in gradual nerve cell destruction...this means severe memory loss, loss of the ability to learn, inability to perform normal tasks.

In a matter of years, Robert is struggling to recognize faces, bathe, and sometimes eat. It's a slow procession with no will never be the same again, for Robert, or his family. . .

(i love you)

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