Turner's Syndrome Awareness

August 1, 2009
By ColleenJ BRONZE, Trumbull, Connecticut
ColleenJ BRONZE, Trumbull, Connecticut
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Most people see me as your ordinary thirteen year old girl. Well, I am, but there is actually a different side to this story! I was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome at the age of three years old. Turner’s Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that only affects females, with the fact that one of two “X’ chromosomes is either defective or missing.

People who don’t know that I have TS obviously can’t see anything wrong with me. But, if I were to sit down and tell them about it, they would see. Also, no one sees how crazy my life can be with having doctors appointments, shots for my growth every night, and much more!

I think people in this world need to be more aware of TS, and how it affects girls that have it. TS is not a very well known syndrome, so I think it would help if doctors and other girls like me tried to figure out more about it. The world would be a better place for girls dealing with TS if this were to happen. Parents wouldn’t have to worry, and girls around the world who have TS wouldn’t feel so alone. As for me, I’ve created websites and blogs to help these people. I get messages from parents and their daughters saying how grateful they are , and how they think what I’m doing is a great thing. Some TS girls who live close by ask to meet me, so that they can talk about their experiences, and ask about mine.

So, if you’re reading this and you are a parent of a TS girl, a girl who has TS, or just a person who’s interested, I’m asking you to please spread the word! While you do, think about what you’re doing for other girls around the world who have TS! You’ll be glad you did it , trust me!

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Go to my website (http://wwww.freewebs.com/colleenjoyce) for more info! Leave a message while you're there, too!

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on Sep. 5 2011 at 11:57 am
I have turners syndrom, and was diagnosed at 3 as well. I would love to email you about my experiances and ask you about yours. Peole don't know I have turners, except my best riend, whos like my sister, a few more close riends, and my family.

kiya R.I.P. said...
on May. 7 2010 at 3:00 pm
Turner syndrome has touched my life in many ways because my baby niece kiya lynn pasted away from turners..i want to make it aware and tell people about ts. but im at a loss..

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