The Hardest High, the Lowest Fall

July 9, 2009
By ninaSWIMS BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
ninaSWIMS BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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For every slope, there is a slide. For every hill, there is a dip. For every mountain, there is a drop. For every plane flight, there is a fall. For every euphoria, there is a withdrawal. For every high, there is a low. Everyone has them. Everyone does. Whether there's always so be a high or so be a dip. Everyone experiences the feeling once.

The feeling of depression, despair, agony, and feeling, the most complex negative emotion (in my opinion), the feeling of being pathetic, has been experienced by several of us. And even then, the feeling of mania, happiness, joy, and the feeling of being dignified has too been experienced.

Yet, those are one of the hardest to reach, but there are times, times when you have the most incredible high, the first time being atop that slope, that hill, that mountain, or that plane's wing. The times are so joyous you can't believe it. So joyous you have to brag. So amazing you have to tell the world. And it just gets you through the day, you know? It just gets you going, whether it be from a drug, a friend, or just on your own. It's there. And when you haven't touched it in years, it feels even better. Even more amazing than it would have if you touched it every so often.

But, the feeling, that everlasting painful joy, can disappear so quickly. So easily. So quickly. It can leave you behind in something worse than you've ever felt. Something so painful, so hurtful, so agonizing, that it brings tears to your eyes. It hurts so much that you can't make heads or tails of what happened. So much that you lose your focus. So much you want to hurt yourself all over again. So painful, you feel like you can't do anything. You're left behind in this agonizing depression, this pathetic feeling that just continues to rip at your soul, mind, and body. At your very being. It can hurt more when you drop so fast, so often. It can hurt even more when it's not so often. When it's just every so often. When it's once a month. When it's once a year. When it rarely happens.

So what do you do now? What do you do? You beg for that high, that euphoric, dignified moment of glory that you once had. You crave, and grovel upon the floor for that magnificent moment once again. Whether it be from drugs, friends, or just on your own. You want it. You want it so bad, that you'll do anything. You'd turn to anything if you can't reach it. You'd find a substitute.

Except, what happens when you can't do that? What happens when you can't find a substitute? What happens when you can't reach, grasp, or even graze that moment? What happens to you then? A better question; what can you do? What is left for you to reach? You've fallen from the highest of highs, into the lowest of lows. You've slipped off the largest slope and you've plunged downward. You've dropped from the tallest mountain, and fell from the highest planes.

And it's makes it all better when there are people, a good small amount of people, who get those highs all the time. Get those euphoric moments, almost twenty four seven. Either that, or they just slip down the smallest kiddy slide and climb right back up.

But, of course, that leaves the people who are left to scale the highest, tallest, largest slope, hill, and mountain. Those who are left to reach the highest high and the soaring plane from the very last layer of the earth, of the underworld known as Hell and it's seven layers.

As the saying goes, "The bigger you are, the harder you fall."
It works well if you change the words to, "The higher you are, the lower you fall."

The author's comments:
July 8th, 2009
The feeling of Euphoria was absolutely exquisite.
The feeling of Withdrawal, of being a pathetic existence, hurts more than one can ever know.

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