February 24, 2009
By Anonymous

'Get some clothes on.'

'I already have clothes on.'

'Well, then go change.'

'Why? Just because he's here? He's been here for forever! He's always here! He like lives

And he shouldn't be! He doesn't need to be living off of us! She says she's not dating him,
then why does he live here, with us?! He has dinner here, every night; he sleeps here, every night!
Even on Christmas! What, he can't go live with one of his six kids for Christmas?!

'Go. Change.'

'No! This is my house too! I can wear whatever I want in it! This is me at home and if he
doesn't like it, then he should just leave!'

'If one of your friends came over for dinner would you wear that?'

'No, but I can't dress up every single night because he's here! When dad was around I wore
this kind of stuff to dinner!'

'Yes, but he isn't your father.'

'But he lives here like dad used to!'

'No he doesn't.'

'Oh, he doesn't?! He comes over here every night for dinner then you go and sleep in your room
with him!'

'Go to your room. I'm sick and tired of listening to your snotty attitude.'

'No! I've been holding this in for like a year, trying to not say anything to hurt you, but now
I'm overflowing!'

'Go. To. Your. Room.'

'No!! Listen to me! I finally get the guts to speak my mind, but you don't care!'


'You're always telling me to 'speak my mind' or 'always tell you if there's something
wrong.' But now, when I finally do it, it goes in one of your ears and out the other!'

'I'm just not in the mood to listen to you cry.'

'Of course not! And you never will be, but I need to let it out!'

'Then go outside and cry.'

'You need to hear my point of view! You never asked me if it was okay for him to move in!'

'Me, the adult, is supposed to ask you, the child, if it's ok?!'

'Yes! Less than a year after dad left you bring another man into the house! Don't you think that
might've been hurtful for me?!'

'It doesn't matter.'

'See?! You don't care! Do you honestly think this is a healthy lifestyle?!'

'Well, it makes me happy.'

'Good! I'm glad that you're happy, it's just, I never got time to recover from the first
guy, and you just brought another one in!'

'Listen. I have my life, and you have yours. You're only twelve, and I'm the adult here. I can
do what I want.'

'Yes, I understand that. I'm just trying to get you to realize how hurtful this is to me! I like
him, he's fine. It's just; does he have to live here?! And what's with all those stupid love
texts he's been sending you, huh?! You're 'just friends' but he's sending you love texts
and living with us!'

'Oh, I'm the bad person here?! You've been sneaking around through my personal messages!'

'Well, I'm your daughter! I have a right to know what's going on!'

'No, you don't. Like I said before, you've got your life, I've got mine.'

'Okay, but you're my mother! You're supposed to care!'

'Listen, my life does not revolve around you! And neither does the world! I'm so sick and tired
of you're sickening attitude and all the drama! Grow up!'

'Like you said, 'I'm only twelve'!!'

'And that's why you need to listen to me! So. Go. And. Change!'

At that point, I couldn't take it anymore. I ran to my bathroom and slammed the door. Then I took
my arm and swung it furiously to my right, not caring what it hit.

Somehow, I think there were several meanings to that command.

I thought, and then I noticed all the shattered glass behind me.


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