My summer in the hospital

February 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I'd like to tell you about the camping trip I took to laurel lake with my friend and his family. It was about 6:00 in the morning and we had a plan that we were going to go fishing. So, we got our fishing poles and left. We started riding our bikes down a steep hill. Arthur was in front of me. I was scared. I had no helmet on. I yelled to him and I pressed on my front brakes really hard. I flipped over the handle bars and I fell and hit my head. This felt like getting hit in the nuts only 17,000 times harder.
All I can remember is waking up in the hospital naked with pretty nurses around me. It sucked, and I wanted to leave, and I wanted to go fishing. My Grandpa showed up and I was so happy I pulled my catheter out and stood up then I fell right back down.
My mom said I fractured my head, She also said I was lucky to be alive. My dad told me I saved my fishing pole I fell. I had a bad headache even with the morphine inside my system. My mom said she was going to McDonalds. She told me if I needed anything to call her. So, when she got back I ate some salad then when my friends came I felt a lot better I didn't feel alone with old people anymore.
After a few days in the hospital they said I had to go to Boston for some more testing. When I got to Boston it was lunch time and my mom and me got some lunch at the cafeteria. I felt sad because those Kids parents didn't even care for them. one kid was in there for three years didn't even see his parents once. I wanted to leave because of that reason but my dad said no so I stayed there. And I made friends with the kids. One was like my best bud and did everything together. we ate together. We played basketball together. I was there for two weeks then we got some more tests done. We went home after that. I was sad we left because I made so many friends it was an awesome experience. After we left Boston we went home and my friends were happy to see me, especially Arthur. When Arthur and I went into his house I saw my bike. It was broken really broken; I mean when I touched, it, it fell apart! We went back to my house and told my mom it was hilarious because my mom. took something out of the closet, it was a brand new bike! it was awesome. I gave my mom a humongous hug.

That's my summer in 2006.

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