My best friend in the hospital

February 3, 2009
By Anonymous

My best friend is in the hospital since October 30, 2008. She has two daughters and she is married. She is in the hospital because she didn't go dialysis for like 4 months and I researched that if you don't go to dialysis you die in like 2-3 weeks. The doctors were surprised because they didn?t know how she survived without dialysis for 4 months. On November 1, 2008 the doctors had pronounced her dead but they wanted to do a test on her brain to see if her brain was dead and after the test came and it said that her brain wasn't working. And like before she had started to move. And her cousin and her sister were in the room that she was and she moved and the doctors got surprised again because they taught that she was dead.

But the doctor told her husband that if he wanted to disconnect her but he said that he didn't want to disconnect her because he knew that she was alive and he had confidence that she was not dead. So after the doctor saw that she started to move he got so embarrassed because he had told her husband to disconnect her because there was no chance that she was going to live.

And she is looking better because she is not swollen and she is herself now when like you go visit her you could actually recognize that that is her. And yesterday February 2, 2009 they told her stuff to do and she did it and they told her to sit up and she sat down. But right know she could not talk because they have a tube on her throat but she wants to talk but she can?t because of the tube.

I have seen so much stuff that I had not seen before in my life when she has been in the hospital. But I am so amazed what she has gone threw will she was trying to fit for her life in the hospital. Like my mom takes care of her daughters her biggest daughter is always telling her that her mom is hurt and that she is in the hospital she is always saying that because she has gone and seen her mom in the hospital. And that is why she is always saying that her dad says that when she goes and sees her that she is always kissing her and doesn't get off her bed because she is always kissing her.

That is why my best friend is in the hospital and a little bit of information about her. And about her family too.

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