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June 17, 2009
By chelsea link BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
chelsea link BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
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Have you ever had to choose between drugs and your best friend? Well I have. It was a hot summer day some of my fiends and I were swimming at the lake. One of my friends brought weed. So I kept swimming trying to pretend it wasn’t there. I had totally forgotten I had made plans with my best friend. So I thought what I was going to it was really hard to chose. Later that day I made my choice I was going to leave the pot head to go hang with my best friend. Even though I never smoked with them it was hard to say no to hang with them. I finally over came my fear of saying no to them.

When summer started I was hanging with the wrong people. The only reason I was hanging with pot heads was because of who I was dating. For some reason I all ways chose them over my real friends. They knew I didn’t like weed they still smoked around me. It was really hard to not be around the because I wanted to be around the guy I thought I loved.

My biggest fear of the summer was that I didn’t know it I could say no to them. But you know what I did because I don’t want turn in to a lose and mess my life up like they were. When school started I had started to get my life on track again even though it was really hard. Snoqualmie Middle School made me change stuff in my life like I met new people and made varsity on the volleyball team.

I had so many thoughts going through my mind that summer my biggest thought was I was lying to my mom but not only my mom but my self. I hurt so many people and I didn’t realize it till I started hanging with normal people. I felt so guilty hanging with people who did drugs. The only reason I felt guilty was because I was just standing there letting my friends mess up there lives and I couldn’t help them. After the end of the summer I was wondering if I didn’t change my life what was going to happen if I didn’t change. But I did make my mind up I dumped my loser boy friend and stopped hanging with his friends and I was lot happier.

I said no to drugs it was really hard but I did it. I learned if I could say no to drugs I could say not to a lot of things. I became not only a strong person but I was being true to my friends and my self. The reason I said no to the drugs was because I didn’t want to mess up my life like they were. I have never thought once why I said no to the drugs. Would you ever had the courage like I did to stand up to your friends and say no to drugs. I hope you can. Even though I don’t hang with them I still see them its really hard because they don’t go to school and just sit around and smoke. I am really glad that I got out of that relationship and the friendship.

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