Family Addiction

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

You know what I don't get? Why people mess up their whole life for drugs. Well here's how the story goes. My mom has two sisters and one brother. My mom's the oldest out of all of them and really the only one who didn't mess up her life. My mom's youngest sister is now thirty-two years old, and messed up her life when she was sixteen, she did drugs. My aunt did marijuana and cocaine. My aunt and her boyfriend did the drugs together for two years and got an apartment together when they were twenty. My aunt was pregnant with my cousin when she was twenty-two years old and not married. When she was pregnant with my cousin she continued to do drugs. My cousin Aiden was born, nothing was wrong with him,remarkably.

Then three years later she was pregnant again and still doing drugs. But when my cousin Nathan was born he didn't talk until he was three years old. I think the drugs had something to do with that. They lived in that apartment for four years. But then her and her boyfriend weren't paying their bills for the apartment, because of buying the drugs. My aunt got her apartment and cars taken away, they lost everything and had no money. My aunt and my cousins lived in two shelters. My cousins Aiden and Nathan attended three schools; it was a rough time for the boys and still is hard for them. Now at thirty-two years old she lives in an apartment, which the state put them in. Her boyfriend left her and the kids. He now owes over $12,000 in child support. My aunt has no money; she is working in a deli and trying to make money for her and her children. This lifestyle is hard and is unfair to my cousins. My aunt messed up her life forever, all because of drugs.

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