January 13, 2009
By Lindsey Hanaway, Sussex, WI

As teenagers, ubiquitous stress is very common. Don't succumb to giving up. It may feel excruciating and unbearable at times, but there are many positive and negative ways to handle your stress. You no longer need to fret because this memo discusses what to do when you are stressed, along with things that can stress you out and how to handle them. The second part discusses what not to do when you feel under pressure. These are things you can do anywhere from your couch at home, to a remote island in the Tropics.
First, when you feel stressed out, you should try to tense up every muscle in your body starting with your feet and working your way up to your head. Hold each stretch for 10 seconds and release. When you begin to feel stressed you may notice you start to break out a lot. A way to help with this is to buy a Salicylic Acid OTC treatment. This may be very strong on some people so only use it when you need it. Another way to stop stress acne is to take Acne Pills to help control your hormones. You should find what in particular makes you stressed. Is it weight that has you stressed? If so, you can try to not only diet but exercise. Since exercise gives you endorphins, they make you feel better in general. This means you can be happy, stress free, and fit. If your grades have you stressed, the best way to deal with that is to go to your school counselor. Another solution would be to talk to your teacher personally. If a student comes in for extra help teachers should be willing to give them extra credit assignments to do.
When you do feel stress there are a few things you shouldn't do. One of these would be to dwell on what's stressing you out. You will be a lot better off if you do something you enjoy to take your mind off it. Another thing you shouldn't do is illegal drugs. These may seem like they would solve you problems and they will temporarily, but after that high wears off you are right back to where you started. Drugs can also be a harbinger leading to addiction. Even though at this time it may be tempting, you shouldn't pick fights with people. This will only lead to the people you care about being angry with you, causing you more stress. If it is a personal issue stressing you out, don't tell too many people, especially if you know of their malignant ways to start drama. This will just add to your stress if your secret gets out. Talk to someone you know will help you and not reverberate what they hear. Finally, DON'T overreact. This is the biggest thing teenagers do to add to their stress load. Making something sound a lot worse than it really is just makes you feel even worse. If it's not a big deal don't make it into one.

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