Sheltering Teens Does Nothing

January 13, 2009
By Melanie Muellenbach, Hartland, WI

It states that the government drained one billion of the citizens' hard-earned tax dollars to accomplish nothing. It also says that teaching abstinence in school has made no impact on teen choices to be celibate until marriage. Studies prove that kids with the abstinence class have sex the same time as kids without it, and luckily they are just as educated about other contraceptives. Amanda Schafer writes "Title V offers almost endless funding to anyone who is willing to lie and spit out"If you have sex before marriage, you will have psychological problems.""Fortunately, liberals have gotten control and some states have dropped out of this joke. People are hoping to cut funds flowing to these "go abstinence or go to the nut house" organizations.

In health class a bunch of old women bored 10th graders with abstinence. They kept on mumbling about how if students have sex, their life partner will marry everyone they had sex with or some nonsense like that. At the end the ladies handed out little business cards with the words "take a rain check" as if we should hand that to some person we don't want to have sex with. Then they give the class a list of 100 ridiculous things to do instead of having sex. They cooked some really good ones like rowing boats, or making meatballs.

Abstinence isn't something that can be taught, it's a personal choice. Sex can be dangerous, when taken as a joke, and people should certainly at least try to hold off on hopping into the sack. People can could catch diseases and girls can easily get pregnant. But when people decide to have sex, they need to be equipped with information about it. In the heated passion of love, no teen is necessarily reminiscing about that old lady who told him to wait.
The media glamorizes sex. Subliminal messages sprout up everywhere; some even speculate in Disney movies. Abstinence never occurred to Jamie Spears who is a mother at 17, Rory and Dean are high school students who have sex in Gilmore Girls, and all Usher raps about is a "lady in the streets but a freak in the bed."

Reality check: Teens do dumb things everyday, and believe nothing bad will happen. It would be impossible to obviate every risky thing a rebellious kid acts on. That is why authorities must stress the consequences, but more importantly teach teens how to make dumb decisions the intelligent way. An example is this: When having sex, make sure the girl is on birth control, and a condom is in use. It isn't condoning anything. It's simply preparing for the worst. Kids aren't going to listen to abstinence when all their friends are doing it, and that is just the way everything goes. Teens know abstinence is the only way for 100% protection. With thoughts fueled by raging hormones, teenagers won't remember the business card, but hopefully with the right guidance the guy will remember to use a condom.

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